THICF - Stronger & Safer Homes with ICFs

Thursday, January 25 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM « Back

NEW for WOC 2018! With the increasing number of natural disasters in the U.S., homeowners and commercial customers want safer structures. This course will explain how ICFs can create safer living spaces and boost your business profitability at the same time. It will also explore how ICF safe rooms can be a great add-on to any ICF or construction business, and how to best promote ICF's disaster-resistant qualities for increased sales.

THICF Fee: $90

Presented by the ICF Manufacturers Association and the ICF Builder Group.

Questions about ICF courses should be directed to Andy Lennox with ICFMA, or phone 705-928-3779. For more information about ICFMA or ICFBG go to and

Event Type: Industry Training > Session