KRYWE - Sustainability of Concrete Structures through Durability Enhancing Technologies

Wednesday, February 5 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM « Back

NEW for WOC 2020! Concrete structures can and should be built to outlast their design lives. Unfortunately, many concrete structures deteriorate and fail prematurely because of one or more physical and chemical processes. Simply making concrete “stronger” is not the answer. Through the development and use of innovative technologies, durability of concrete structures can be greatly enhanced, their design lives lengthened, and greater sustainability achieved.

Topics of Discussion:
* How destructive processes caused by water and waterborne chemicals in new or existing concrete can be prevented when employing reactive crystalline waterproofing technologies
* How erosion and abrasion can be mitigated by new technology in metallic admixtures
* Advantages/disadvantages of new and more conventional technologies

Registration Fee: $65; $100 after 12/11/19

Presented by Kryton International.
Questions should be directed to Anya Perminova at 604-324-8280 or

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Event Type: Industry Training > Session