MO10 - Fundamentals of Polished Concrete—From the Ground Up

Monday, January 21 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM « Back

Polishing concrete basics are the focus of this seminar, including the importance of understanding and identifying possible substrate issues, addressing cracks, divots and spalls, joint filling, meeting customers’ expectations, understanding what FF/FL is and how it affects the final appearance. Other topics include the differences within classes A,B,C or D and what level of sheen is expected. Attendees will explore the chemical side of the business and the important role they play in the polishing process as well as the different types of available densifiers and understand the appropriate type of diamond tooling to use as well as common tools used in the polishing world like gloss meters, DOI meters and surface hardness scratch pics.

1. Identify differences within class A, B, C & D surfaces
2. Discuss key characteristics and/or issues to look for prior to grinding
3. Differentiate between various chemical densifiers & how they react with cured concrete
4. Explain types of diamond tooling used relative to surface hardness & specified profiles

3-Hour Seminar Fee: $150; $180 after 12/3/18


Credits: 3.0 hours AIA/CES LU, PDH, TCA

Education Tracks: Concrete Polishing

Event Type: WOC 3-Hour Seminars > Session