TH09 - Extended Joint Systems for Slabs-on-Ground

Thursday, January 24 from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM « Back

Because of increasing slab on ground joint issues, one of the most significant trends in slab design and construction is extending the joint spacing far beyond that of typical slabs.  However, the many options for doing so can be bewildering to the owners, designers, material suppliers, and constructors of such slabs, proprietary and otherwise.  The seminar focus will be on the most commonly used systems, including some of the newer ones.  Design, material, and construction input will be given so that the various systems can be considered and an appropriate one chosen for a particular application.

1. Explain the reasons why slab extended joints are desirable for certain projects
2. Identify the various systems for extending slab joint spacings
3. Describe the ways in which the systems differ or are similar
4. Choose the most appropriate system for a given application and implement it

3-Hour Seminar Fee: $150; $180 after 12/3/18

Credits: 3.0 hours AIA/CES LU|HSW, PDH, TCA

Education Tracks: Concrete Floors and Slabs

Event Type: WOC 3-Hour Seminars > Session