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Helix Steel is the manufacturer of Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement; the only proactive concrete reinforcement in the world.  Helix® Micro Rebar™ reinforcement lowers the tensile response of the modulus of elasticity in plain concrete thus increasing its strain capacity, ductility and flexibility.  

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Since Helix® reinforcement has a stable tensile response, our design method is based on conventional rebar design and therefore is easily understood, used and implemented by structural engineers worldwide.  

Due to the lower dosages and design method, Helix® reinforcement is perfect for the underground tunneling world.  Helix® reinforcement is manufactured in the United States and distributed globally for use in all concrete applications.  


Product Categories

Reinforcement Tools & Materials

  • Reinforcement, galvanized bar
  • Reinforcement, glass-fiber-reinforced plastic bar
  • Reinforcement, metal lath
  • Reinforcement, specialty (other)
  • Reinforcement, stainless steel bar
  • Reinforcement, steel bar
  • Reinforcement, steel fiber
  • Reinforcement, synthetic fiber
  • Reinforcement, wire fabric
  • Welded Wire Reinforcement

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