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Lura Enterprises Inc.

Lura Enterprises invented and manufactures the Lura Roller Screed System. The Lura Roller Screed is the most versatile power screed on the market today. Its patented coupling system allows you to customize the tube length to almost any pour. Lightweight makes it easy to move around on the job site and also for easy transport, powerful to take on any slump and affordable. Can be used for Heavy Highway, Commercial pours, Super Flat floors, Grain Bin slabs, slabs on grade, basements, Sidewalks, Sloped or Crowned slabs and Pervious concrete. Accessories allow it to Wet Screed with the Wet Screed Shoe, screed next to a wall with the Wall Plugs, screed in a circle with the Center Pivot, screed to a drain or add weight if needed by filling the tubes with water. Can also Screed up to 30 feet with high FF/FL#. Our newest addition is the Curb Profiler which allows you to create a multitude of curb profiles.    

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