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Contractors prefer the strength and performance of Sonotube® concrete forms with RainGuard® technology. With a continued commitment to innovation and quality, Sonoco offers Sonotube Finish Free® forms now available in lengths to 20-foot and diameters to 42", Sonotube Commercial column forms, newly redesigned Sonovoid® Round voids that reduce weight while maintaining structural integrity and Sonotube BlastMaster® blasting tubes for down-hole blasting applications. Sonoco will also be exhibiting Sonoguard® edge and corner guards that prevent damage to finished door and wall surfaces during construction.

Product Categories

Concrete Products

  • Forms, pipe

Form Types

  • Forms, chamfer
  • Forms, column
  • Forms, footings
  • Forms, slab (elevated)
  • Forms, slab (on grade)
  • Forms, void

Structural Elements

  • Forms, column
  • Forms, footings

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