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CEI Enterprises designs, manufactures and services production equipment used in the infrastructure and energy industries. Established in 1969, CEI produces mixing equipment for both concrete and modified asphalt materials.

CEI's concrete mixing equipment includes:

TSC Twin Shaft Continuous Blending™ plants produce ALL types of concrete mixes, from a single facility, for use in applications such as
  • Bridges
  • Airports
  • Dams
  • Ports
  • Skyscrapers
  • Mainline Highways

TSB Mobile Batch Mixer™ enables ready mix plant owners to turn their dry-mix plant into a wet-mix plant, producing conventional concrete, RCC and CTB.

Ecoheatdirect-contact water heaters produce hot water on-demand for use in cold weather concrete production. These heaters offer 99% efficiency, heating water up to 185°F at flow rates up to 1,200 gallons per minute.

Fusionhybrid-process ready mix plant uses precision aggregate blending technology — long proven in the asphalt industry — to minimize voids, reduce cement use, and make better mix.

Product Categories

Batching Equipment

  • Batching equipment, jobsite
  • Heaters & boilers, hot water & aggregate
  • Storage, hot & cold water

Mixing/Mixer Materials for Concrete

  • Mixers, twin shaft

Ready Mixed Concrete

  • Ready mix plants, turnkey

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